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Katie-Cornell-BioPlant - as the food reserves of the seed...

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Katherine Roll Plant Biology 4/13/2006 It is advantageous for the root to grow and develop more rapidly than the shoot. The root anchors the shoot and provides water and nutrients for the shoot to grow. Roots with many root hairs have a greater absorptive surface area for water and nutrients and thus promote further root growth and shoot elongation. Longer and larger roots also provide better anchorage for the shoot. The cotyledon, which contains the stored food reserves of the seed, regulates root growth by providing nutrients and growth regulating substances and prepares the root to hold up the growing shoot. The cotyledon germinates to become the embryonic first leaves of the seedling
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Unformatted text preview: as the food reserves of the seed become exhausted. Although photosynthesis provides nutrition for the growing shoot, it is no replacement for the nutrients and water provided by the roots. Leaves can dry up depending on environmental factors and photosynthesis may not be able to keep up with the energy demands of a rapidly growing shoot. Roots being underground are generally better protected from external environmental insults. A rapidly growing shoot without the nutritional support and anchorage provided by the root will often die....
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