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List of Figures for Exam 2 Methods to study microorganisms 5.1b iron-chelating siderophore, E. coli enterobactin 5.1c iron-chelating siderophore, aquachelin 5.3 aseptic technique 5.2a streak plate 5.2b isolated colonies (pure cultures) from the streak plate shown in 5.2a 5.2c not a pure culture, multiple colony morphologies present therefore multiple microorganisms present 18.1 enrichment strategy for isolating Azotobacter 18.2 Winogradsky column diagram and example columns 18.3a repeated picking and streaking of a well isolated colony to obtain a pure culture 18.3b agar shake tubes to isolate pure culture of anaerobic bacteria 18.4 Most Probable Number (MPN) dilution technique 18.5 laser tweezers to isolate a pure culture 18.6 light micrograph of DAPI fluorescing bacterial cells 18.7 light micrograph of fluorescently stained cells for viability (living – green cells) 18.8 light micrograph of fluorescent antibody bound to specific cells Microbial Growth 6.1 binary fission 6.2a FtsZ proteins involved in cell division 6.2b FtsZ ring forming the divisome 6.5 peptidoglycan synthesis, transport, and transpeptidation to insert new peptidoglycan into expanding cell wall 6.3 dividing bacterial cells: wall bands, FtsZ ring and growth zones visible 6.6a exponential growth
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List+of+Figures+and+Tables+for+Exam+2 - List of Figures for...

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