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Diversity+notes+Part+1 - Diversity(Chapters 11 Early Life...

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Diversity (Chapters 11) Early Life Planet Earth is at least ________________________________. First evidence for microbial life can be found in ____________________________________________. ____________________________ are fossilized microbial mats consisting of layers of filamentous prokaryotes and trapped sediment. The phototrophic green nonsulfur bacterium _________________ is similar to the filamentous prokaryotes that form the primitive microbial mats. Early Earth was - - - Early Earth conditions suggest that primitive metabolism was - - - ______________________ there was a shift from anoxic to oxic environment. Oxygenic phototrophic ______________________ were the first microorganisms capable of generating oxygen. As oxygen accumulated in the atmosphere, an oxic environment like the present was created. O 2 reacts with short wavelength UV radiation to form _____________ which acts like a shield to protect the Earth from intense UV radiation emitted by the sun. Phylogeny & Taxonomy _____________________ - evolutionary relationships of organisms. Phylogeny is measured by __________________________________ that are typically housekeeping genes essential for a cell such as _____________________________ or ___________________________. By comparing a gene’s sequence amongst many organisms,
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