Brewery____Algebraic_Models - OR&IE 320/520 8/23/07...

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Unformatted text preview: OR&IE 320/520 8/23/07 Prof. Bland What follows is a progression of algebraic models for the brewery prob- lem. The first model is very simple and natural. It corresponds directly to the AMPL model brewery1.txt . You should be able to see readily that each new algebraic model is equivalent to its predecessor. The point here is to gently get us from the simple and natural algebraic model at the beginning to an equivalent model at the end in which the data is separated from the structural elements. The last algebraic model in this progression corresponds directly to the pair of AMPL files brew.mod and brew.dat . maximize 13 A + 23 B subject to: 5 A + 15 B ≤ 480 4 A + 4 B ≤ 160 35 A + 20 B ≤ 1190 A ≥ , B ≥ . In the next model we merely change the names of the variables. Now A and B are indices rather than the variable names. maximize 13 x A + 23 x B subject to: 5 x A + 15 x B ≤ 480 4 x A + 4 x B ≤ 160 35 x A + 20 x B ≤ 1190 x A ≥ , x B ≥ ....
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This note was uploaded on 03/30/2008 for the course ORIE 320 taught by Professor Bland during the Fall '07 term at Cornell.

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Brewery____Algebraic_Models - OR&IE 320/520 8/23/07...

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