Ireland - Nichols 1 Mark Nichols Professor Roelke English...

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Nichols 1 Mark Nichols Professor Roelke English 1310.007 4 October 2007 Eire I never have to go back to that hellhole ever again. Nolan Catholic is in my past. The University of North Texas is my future. As my present, I get to embark upon what will be the greatest trip of my life. An eight hour plane ride is all that lies between me and the Emerald Isle. The plane is showing absolutely terrible movies. So I sleep. Two hours left until I'm in the land I've always dreamed of. We land in Dublin. After a 15 minute wait for luggage, a 10 minute wait for mom to report her missing iPod, and another 15 minute wait for a taxi, we ride into the city. It feels so completely different here than in the states. It really feels like the Europe in the movies. After a delicious garlic burger and an amazing ginger ale made with real ginger, we go on a walking tour of the city. This tour is amazing. I see Dublin Castle, Trinity University and St. Patrick's well. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I weren't so tired. We eat dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant and go to a pub. The Octagon Bar, owned by Bono from U2 is where I have my first legal pint in Ireland. Well technically, it's a half-pint. I've never been this tired. I get back to the hotel and I call her. I miss her so much already, but I know I have a whole week in front of me so I push it out of my mind. Goodnight. I wake up to the pleasant sound of my Uncle Duran saying to me, "Get your [expletive] out of bed!!". Lovely way to start the day. I call her again. When I talked to her last night, she was getting ready for the day and I was going to bed. This morning, I am waking up and she is just getting home from a show. It astounds me that we are so far away, that we are on completely different time schedules. Uncle Duran shows up in our rental car. It is quite possibly the ugliest thing I have ever seen. A fire-engine red, giant, Ford bus. I am embarrassed to be seen in it. We eat breakfast and go to the Guinness brewery, St. James Gate. It's an amazing tour and it comes with a free pint at the end! We then head to Co. Wicklow. It is a beautiful drive. We end up in a town called Rathdrum. We have dinner at a
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This note was uploaded on 03/30/2008 for the course ENGL 1310 taught by Professor Roelke during the Fall '07 term at North Texas.

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Ireland - Nichols 1 Mark Nichols Professor Roelke English...

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