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COIN of the Realm - COIN of the Realm Is There a Future for...

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COIN of the Realm: Is There a Future for Counterinsurgency by Colin H. Kahl U.S. invaded Iraq and after defeating the government of Saddam Hussein, the U.S. realized they had not updated their counterinsurgency doctrine since the 1980’s. Thus Lt Generals David Petraeus and James Mattis took charge of the process of writing a new one. Hearts and Minds -The two competing school of thought about the appropriate way to conduct counterinsurgency warfare are “hearts and minds” and “coercion” -Manual embraces a model called “clear, hold, and build” it directs the military to clear areas and then to transition to a law enforcement model to hold them which in turn enables the implementation of political, social and economic programs designed to build the governments legitimacy -Manual argues that people can be won over through the provision of security -Security is essential to set the state for overall progress, but long lasting victory comes from a vibrant economy, political participation, and restored hope
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