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Chinese 102 Midterm #1 - ¢I_n n¢ea<uamm — $sz(15(1...

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Unformatted text preview: ¢I_n: n¢ea<uamm —*. $sz (15%) (1) fiifififi '2 (10% . 1. The apartment is cIOSe to the school. 2. It doesn't have any furniture. 3. The rent includes the utility fees. 4. The people living in the apartment have to share the bathroom. 5. Xiao Tian has no pets. (21 Answer the Questions in English (5%} 1. What does the landlord want Xiao Tian to do before he moves in? 2. Would he take a roommate? Why? ' :2. Translate into c aracte s usin rammar structures rovided: 50% - 1. The kitchen is so small that there is even no room for a set of dining table and chairs. (lidn... d6u.. .; V+bu xid) ’ 2. He doesn’t read any advertisements because he is extremely busy. (shénme. . .dou) 3. The Student Center is hot far from the place where I live. I have been‘there many times. (—gub) 4. You can borrow (keep) this dictionary for'one month, but you must first leave your ID on the table. (b6 construction) "5“." He cannot understand (by listening) anything because the doctor s eagsfiztoo fast. ...
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