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Annotated Bilbliography - Mowery Dr. Cheu WRA 130...

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Mowery Dr. Cheu WRA 130 10:20-12:10 Annotated Bibliography March 27 th , 2008 Bibliography 1. "Genetic Technology and Eugenics." Medindia - Medical/Health Website . 4 Apr. 2007. 25 Mar. 2008 < o This article describes how people in the beginning always strove for perfection which lead the way to the belief of eugenics. Many great thinkers of the time believed in this such as Graham Bell, Winston Churchill and Bernard Shaw. Eugenics has also been practiced and exercised since the times of Plato. It also explains how the olden method of selective breeding was to produce better beings that has given way to modern techniques like Preimplantation genetic Diagnosis which is practiced on an embryo, prenatal testing which is done on a fetus and the genetic testing that is done on adults. 2. Lederberg, Prof. Joshua. "Molecular Biology, Eugenics, and Euphenics." Nature Vol. 198 198.4879 (1963): 5. 25 Mar. 2008 <>. o This scholarly article describes in depth on how in the recent years we have seen many breath-taking advances in the molecular foundations of biology, at a pace that reminds us that the gross effort in science in one year now matches 1
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Mowery the total accumulation to the beginning of this century; as much scientific effort has been invested since 1950 as was in all previous history. 3.
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Annotated Bilbliography - Mowery Dr. Cheu WRA 130...

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