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BioSci 110, Spring 08 Exam 1 Name Group PID BIOSCI 110: Exam 1 6 February 2008 Responsible Conduct Assurance: I have completed this exam totally on my own. I have neither received nor given any one of my peers information during the exam. Signature/Date ___________________________________________ Instructions: 1. Put your name and group on each page of the exam. 2. It is critical that you write legibly, or we cannot read your responses. 3. Read each question carefully. 4. Be certain your written responses are original, logical, and supported with evidence. Exam 1 consists of 2 parts: Multiple Choice : 20 questions (2 pts each), - Use a #2 pencil to enter your responses on a scantron sheet that is identified with your name and PID. BE CERTAIN TO MATCH THE QUESTION NUMBER WITH THE CORRECT NUMBER ON THE SCANTRON – YOU WILL SKIP NUMBERS! Open Response : -Enter your responses ON THE EXAM Note: You may use models or written responses for the open-ended responses – the key is to communicate your understanding logically and clearly. 1
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BioSci 110, Spring 08 Exam 1 Name Group 1. A “gene” is: a. a protein b. any DNA you inherit c. a section of DNA that codes for a protein d. something attached to DNA e. a chromosome 2. In which phase of mitosis are the chromosomes replicated? a.  G1 b.  S c.  G2 d.  M 3.  All of the following are true about nuclear DNA EXCEPT a.  It is double stranded b.  It is wrapped around histone proteins c.  It pairs adenine and uracil d.  It is located in the nucleus of the cell 4.  An example of a polygenic trait is a.  sickle-cell anemia b.  eye color c.  mid-digit hair in humans d.  cystic fibrosis 5-8.  Due to the rise in temperatures in the poles, there has been a decrease in Arctic ice cover,  especially in the summer.  A walrus biologist, Natasha, noticed walrus colonies on rocky islands  during the summer instead of on ice sheets.  These rocky islands have very steep sides compared  to the ice sheets.  Natasha wonders whether the walruses on rocky island are reducing the number  of times that they enter and exit the water each day because they have difficulty getting up the steep  sides.  She is concerned that if the walruses are having difficulty getting out of the water, they will  not be able to feed as often and their nutritional status would be negatively affected.  
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BS110 Exam I - BioSci 110 Spring 08 Name Group Exam 1 PID...

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