BS 110 terms and reading assignments for Exam I

BS 110 terms and reading assignments for Exam I - allele...

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What part of the Sadava textbook should you be reading (if that is the textbook you have)? I’ve tried to put these sections in order from when we started class 11.2 10.1 9.3 9.5 11.3 12.2 12.3 10.1 (again—the chapter summary of part 10.1 is particularly informative) Next week: Jan 28-Feb 1 10.2 10.4 12.6 Terms Inductive Reasoning Deductive Reasoning Scientific Method—with various stages Observation Hypothesis Alternative Hypotheses Null Hypothesis Control Group Theory DNA macromolecule double helix deoxyribose phosphate group nucleotides guanine cytosine adenine thymine purine pyrimidine chromosome
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sister chromitids centromere gene nucleus histones organelle genome autosomal
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Unformatted text preview: allele homologous chromosomes homozygous heterozygous genotype phenotype DNA replication daughter cell mitosis prophase metaphase anaphase telophase interphase G1 phase S phase G2 phase Annealed Helicase DNA polyermerase I and II leading strand lagging strand 5’ end 3’ end transcription translation RNA uracil messenger RNA transfer RNA polypeptide protein codon amino acid (note: you do not have to memorize the Genetic Code) gametes sex cells diploid haploid n 2n meiosis --phase I--phase II Mendel’s Laws Law of Segregation Law of Independent Assortment Dominant Recessive Punnett square...
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BS 110 terms and reading assignments for Exam I - allele...

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