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Charles Mowery 3. Describe the structure of 2 Roman buildings featuring arches, vaults, or domes. What are the advantages of arch construction over post-and-lintel, technically and socio-economically, for the Romans? In the early Roman times, architects had to satisfy the wishes of wealthy and politically powerful patrons who ordered buildings for the public as well as themselves. They also had to satisfy the needs of ordinary people. To do this, they created new building types and construction techniques that permitted them to erect buildings efficiently and inexpensively. Many of these Roman architects relied on the round arch and vault techniques. On such example of this is the colossal Flavian Amphitheater. The Flavian Amphitheater is a Roman Colosseum built around 70-80 C.E. for sports and recreation. This is now known as Rome’s greatest arena of that time. It became known as the “Colosseum” because a gigantic statue of Nero called the Colossus stood next to it. The word “colosseum” better suites it for its enormous entertainment center. This amazing work of architecture roughly measures in at 615 by 510 feet, with a floor 280 by 175. Its outer wall stands 159 feet high. It was used
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HAessay1 - Charles Mowery 3 Describe the structure of 2...

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