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Far East in Modern Times Notes 2/4/08 1) Manchus created the Ch’ing Dynasty by filling Ming power vacuum in Beijing 2) Ming loyalists held out in Taiwan, eventually subdued by Ch’ing forces from mainland; a portent of twentieth century Nationalists’ move to Taiwan, and their eventual (future) defeat by mainland Communist forces. 3) Ch’ing absorbed Chinese culture and established a dual (Manchu, Chinese) governing system based on personal loyalty to emperor. 4) Ch’ing economy and population led to world’s largest, most efficient empire of its period 5) Family was a self-sufficient political, social, economic system’ core of loyalty.
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Male children desired to carry on family traditions; female children less important for marriage alliances, mothers of males. 7) Sexual relations for procreation; double standard allowed concubines for men, women expected to remain chaste. 8) Law, crime, punishment criminals brought shame on family, which corrected situation or bandits/pirates operated totally outside Confucian system; conviction based on evidence; severe punishment to set public example....
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