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History Lecture1 - 13. Charities were suffering 14. March...

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10/15/07 History Lecture I. The Great Depression (BLACK THURSDAY) A. Prosperity of the 20’s 1. rise of suburbs and vehicles B. Bull Market 1. More stocks than ever before 2. Result: Market Sold (RCA) March 1928 Stocks were rising and getting more expensive. 3. EVERYONE WANTED STOCKS! 4. Vancouver: Poverty banished from this nation C. Reasons for Great Crash, Indicators of Depression 1. Growing too many crops etc. .. markets were saturated 2. Too much speculation (STOCK MARKET) 3. No rules and no regulations 4. The banking system was not sound 5. Increased interest rates 6. Unequal distribution of wealth (1% owns 43% of national wealth) 7. Stocks Markets Crashed 8. Trade cut 66% 9. Banks closed their doors 10. Human Tragedy- businessmen were ridiculed 11. Unemployment 12. America had lowest birthrate
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Charities were suffering 14. March of Dimes began 15. Soaring crime rate 16. Golden Era of comic books 17. Rise of bowl games 18. Cut wages 19. Starvation 20. Price of farm crops plummeted 21. D. Hoovervilles 1.people building shacks E. The Dust Bowl 1.Veterens of WW1 (DISONTENT) F. Bonus March 1.Promised a bonus for fighting in ww1 and wanted it now! 2. Congress would not give it to them 3.Hoover called new army to face old army (lead by Douglas Macarthur) 4. George Patton and Dwight Eisenhower G Herbert Hoover 1. Voluntary Cooperation 10/15/07 2. Bank Plan: National Credit Corporation (banks should loan other banks money.) 3. classic break down between liberals and conservatives...
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History Lecture1 - 13. Charities were suffering 14. March...

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