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Quiz Two finance - Alex Alfaro BUS 303 Quiz 2 Due 52 Week...

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Alex Alfaro BUS 303 Quiz 2 Due: 3/27/08 52 Week Stock Symbol Yield PE Last Net Change Hi- 71.50 NuStar L.P. NU 3.94(7.70%) 18.89 51.77 -.02 Lo- 48.51 (a) Where is NuStar LP in relation to its high or low for the year? 71.50 (down $19.73) -51.77 48.51 (up $3.26) NuStar has a 27.6% decrease and it is up by 6.2%. To figure out these calculations: Change from high/52 week high Change from low/52 week low (b) What was the previous days closing price? Last Changing Price – Net Change 51.77 - .02 = 51.75 51.75 was the previous days closing price (c) Demonstrate how the yield is figured out. Dividend 18.89 =3.6 Price 51.77 (d) What does the Yield mean? -How much dividend are given or represents a dividend yield on a stock. (e) Based on the information given, what would you estimate NuStar’s annual earning per share to be? P/E= 18.89/1 P=18.89E 51.77/E=18.89/1= 18.89E/18.89= 51.77/18.89= E=2.74 earnings per share. (f) What proportions of these earnings are retained? Earnings 2.74 - Dividend - 2.01 ( 73.6%) Retained Earnings .73 (26.4%) Yield * P/E .039 * 18.89-73.6% (g) If you want a total yield of 12% from NuStar, What is the minimum price it must
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reach within a year?
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