Assignment 3 - Hebrew 370 Assignment#3 1 What does Jacob do...

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Hebrew 370 Assignment #3 1. What does Jacob do immediately after he removes the stone from the well and waters Laban’s flocks? How are Laban and Jacob related? Describe Leah and Rachel’s appearance. How does Laban trick Jacob on Jacob’s first wedding night? He watered his uncles sheep. Jacob is the son of Laban’s sister. Laban gave Jacob his younger daughter Leah instead of Rachel. 2. Describe Jacob’s breeding techniques with Laban’s flocks. Jacob breed the flocks in front of peeled branches. When the flocks were in heat, branches were placed in front of the place were they came to drink. 3. What does the angel of God tell Jacob to do in his dream? Make sure that all the male goats mating with the flock are streaked, speckled, or spotted. 4. How many years has Jacob now worked for Laban? Jacob says something about 14 years and 6 years. What do these periods of time signify? Who does Jacob acknowledge as having saved him from being ripped off by Laban? Twenty years. He worked for Laban for 14 years, and for Laban’s two daughters for 6 years. God. (God of Abraham and the Fear of Isaac) 5. Why does Jacob pray to God when his messengers return from Esau? When Jacob and Esau do meet, has Esau forgiven Jacob? Jacob prays to be saved from the hand of Esau, in fear that Esau would attack him.
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Assignment 3 - Hebrew 370 Assignment#3 1 What does Jacob do...

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