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Ductility expressed as % elong or % RA. Resilience-capacity to absorb energy when in elastic and have energy recovered upon unloading. U r -strain energy / vol needed to stress material from unloaded state to yielding = .5 σ y ε y . Toughness- ability of material to absorb energy up to fracture. Ductile materials tougher than brittle. Hardness- resistance to penetration/localized plastic deformation. Hardness related to depth of penetration in Rockwell and width of indentation in brinell. B uses higher loads than R. Knoop (brittle) and Vickers microhardness for small specimens. Hard- σ y . ductile- ε f . strong- σ y . stiff- E. design allowances made to protect against failure-working stress. Impact (charpy) test- material behaves much more brittle when subject to intense blow. Fine grained has more grain boundary area per volume. Slip planes are discontinuous across grain boundary. Grain boundaries impede dislocation motion. Fine-stronger. Solid solution- diff in atom
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Unformatted text preview: size bw the solvent and solute atoms produces distortion of lattice and hinders dislocation movement. Increases y and decreases ductility. Harder than pure. Strain hardening-ductile metal becomes harder and stronger as it is plastically deformed (coat hanger). Cold working-deformation occurs at low temp compared to melting. Dislocation density increases with cold work. Resistance to dislocation motion by other dislocations increases. Precipitation hardening-precipitates=complex crystal structure,wrongly oriented slip planes and distortion in atomic arrangement. Generates strain field in the lattice and hinders dislocation motion-stronger. Ductile fracture-necking-void formation-void linking-crack propagation-fracture. Void forms where 3 grains meet-triple point. Brittle-little plastic deformation....
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