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Otto cycle : 1W2/m=u1-u2~3W4/m=u3-u4~2Q3/m=u3-u2~4Q1/m=u1-u4~~4 internally reversible processes:1-2 : Isentropic compression~Win/m=(u2-u1)=Cv(T2-T1)~(T2/T1)=(V2/V1) g -1~ P2/P1=(T2/T1)(v1/v2 )~2-3 : constant volume heat addition~Qin/m=(u3-u2)=Cv(T3-T2)~ (P3/P2)=(T3/T2)~ 3-4: isentropic expansion~(u4-u3)=-(Wout/m)~(Wout/m) =(u3- u4)=Cv(T3-T4)~(T4/T3)=(v3/v4) g- 1~(P4/P3)=(T4/T3)(v3/v4 )~ 4-1:constant volume heat rejection~(u1-u4)= (-Qout/ m)~(Qout/m)=(u4-U1)=Cv=(Tv-T1)~(P4/T4)=(P1/T1)
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Unformatted text preview: ~~cold air standard analysis~~(T4/T3)=(V1/V2) g-1~ h =1- [(Cv(T4-T1))/(Cv(T3-T2))]= (wout-win)/qH= 1-(qL/qH)~~ Supheat Ideal Rank w/Reheat . Ideal Rank cy is op b/w 3.5 Mpa and 10kPa w/ H2O work fluid. Reheat @ .8 Mpa, inlet to HP turb is supheat vap @ 350 C. Irrev. In turb & P are neg. and these devices are well inuslated (isentropic). P in is sat vap. In to LP turb is 350 C.@@P2=P3=3.5 [email protected]=T5=350 [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]-steady-uniprop@1-6-...
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