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Deviance and Social Control 1 DSOC 101: Introduction to Sociology February 27, 2008 Explanations of Deviance 4 e Looks for answers inside individuals e Genetic predispositions (e.g. body type, skull size and shape) e Focuses on abnormalities within individuals e Personality disorders e Deviant personalities Deviant Behavior e What do insanity, emotional disorder, leprosy, senility, anatomical abnormalities, and crime all have in common? 5 1. They are all deviant; that is, they all violate some normative code or codes 2. They are perceived as threats (To what? To Whom?) 3. They all evoke a predictable set of responses from others Polling Question e What sociological question is most important to keep in mind when considering deviance? a) Who are the deviants and who are the conformists? b) Why is the deviant so strange? 6 c) Whose rules are being broken? d) Why am I not a deviant? e) How can we eliminate deviance? e Answer: C 2 Defining Deviance e “It is not the act itself, but the reactions to the act, that make something deviant” – Howard Becker, 1966 e Deviance is any behavior that is socially challenged and/or condemned because it departs from the norms and expectations of the group 7 e Relative concept - what is deviant to some is not deviant to others
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Nonconformity to a given set of norms that are accepted by a significant number of people in a community or society. Deviance is Socially Constructed e Deviant to whom? e What is deviant depends upon the context of the act or behavior e Dominant Moral Codes – no act is universally defined as deviant e Definition of the act (murder or punishment?) 8 e How many consider it deviant? e
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DSoc101LectureNotes1l - Deviance and Social Control 1 DSOC...

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