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What is Social Interaction? Social interaction is the social action of two or more people taking each other into account in their action 4 Social action refers to those actions which people are conscious of doing because of other people Why study social interaction? h Helps us understand non-verbal forms of communication – such as body language and behavior – and their meaning. H Studying social interaction in everyday life sheds 5 y g y y Studying Social Interaction: Dramaturgy Dramaturgy – understands social interaction in terms of the theater – Social life like a drama or stage play – Front stage vs. back stage 6 g g – We tend to become the roles we play – Roles are socially defined expectations of an individual in a given status or social position. 2 Impression Management The process of portraying yourself to others in a manner that creates a desired impression The principle motive for impression management is not deception, or manipulation of others, but to explain or define… – The situation – The self (role, identity, relationships, attitudes, feelings, intentions) – The task the individual is performing (its difficulty the quality of their 7 difficulty, performance). For Goffman, interaction is only possible if those present agree on a definition of the situation How do social “actors” perform their roles? – Use social setting – Appearance
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– Manner – Face-saving behavior Contexts and Norms of Social Interaction The context in which a social interaction takes place determines its meaning Three elements comprise the context: Ph i l tti 8 • Physical setting • Social environment • Activities surrounding the interaction Norms are the rules of behavior governing the interaction Elements of Social Interaction: Status Status
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Dsoc101LectureNotes3 - What is Social Interaction Social...

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