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Competency Assessment You have been hired to create a relational database to support a car sales business . You need to store information on the business’s employees, inventory, and completed sales. You also need to account for the fact that each salesperson receives a different percentage of their sales in commission . What tables and columns would you create in your relational database, and how would you link the tables? Make a simple program (desktop) that implement your database design Note : Upload your Project Solution & Backup Database with your name as prefix Designing a Relational Database
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Proficiency Assessment Creating Databases Using the SSMS Graphical Interface Your company, AdventureWorks, has decided to expand into interstellar travel. They have asked you to create a new database called Planets on the Microsoft SQL server using the SSMS graphical interface. What steps would you complete to create this database?
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Competency Assessment Scenario 2-2 Choosing Data Types You are designing several databases for a client. While designing the databases, you come across the following listed data items. Which data type would you use to store each of these pieces of information and why? Radius of a planet Value of pi Salary Person’s date of birth Length of a board Numbers of music players sold
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