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Lauren Bestvina Soc 134 Section 17 February 22 2008 For my photo essay project, I am choosing to explore dramaturgy. I have always walked to class and noticed what others wear to class. There is a variety of clothing that students choose to wear to class. From those who wake up in sweats to those who look they spent hours getting ready. I have always found it interesting about what message each person is sending. Particularly, I am in Greek house, so I always find it interesting what messages my Greek neighbors are sending. Though my photo journal will be much like the journal of Liz Grauerholz and Rebecca Smith, I will have more of a focus on group membership and appearance of college students and faculty. One of the other areas of focus I hope to demonstrate is the back stage and front stage persona. Although this may be difficult because I will try to use strangers, I hope to gain some insight on how people present themselves versus the back stage person. I can
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Unformatted text preview: hopefully interview people about how they personally feel their appearances explain them. This portion of my photo journal may also be easier to do with personal friends though. I fear that if I ask a stranger, they may not give me an honest answer. There are a few concerns I have for this project. Would it be better to use strangers or friends? Should I narrow my focus such as only doing a certain group such as Greeks? I am also concerned about taking pictures of strangers, is that ethical for a publication such as this? I would be analyzing them, and I am not sure if this would be okay for not having their permission. I am excited for this project and hope to gain more insight the dynamics of dramaturgy. I hope to see differences of front stage and back stage in individuals and groups. Furthermore, I hope to understand how people present themselves and the messages they produce in doing so....
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