AmInd210S08 - American Indian Studies 210 C: Introduction...

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American Indian Studies 210 C: Introduction to American Indian Studies Fall, 2008 Dr. Dennis Kelley M,W,F 11:00-11:50 [email protected] Office Hours: M,W,F, 11-1 415 Catt Hall Or By Appointment Course Description This course is an attempt to provide the student with an overview of the various and diverse traditions that make up Native America. However, we will also address the role that these communities play in the overall history of America. In other words, to what degree has American culture been formed in response to the presence of American Indian poeples? Indigenous worldviews, exotic as they may seem, are really examples of human communities navigating the changing landscape of history like any others. Like all living cultures, Native American tribal traditions have had to contend with change and conflict, adapt to a new order that came with the arrival of whites, and navigate the changing cultural landscape that is America. We will make inquiries into a variety of Native traditions, and compare the practices therein to non- Indigenous behavior, and to aspects of daily life in America. Looking into unique and different cultures for the familiar can help us to gain insight into what is taken for granted within our own cultural universe. The presence of American Indian communities can be seen as somewhat of a critique of the American project, thus, this class is as much about modernity as it is about American Indian religious cultures. Course Objectives and Guidelines Simple, really. I will attempt to make this class as interesting and relevant as I possibly can, and in return I ask for respect for myself and others (no talking, sleeping, or singing while I or your fellow students are
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AmInd210S08 - American Indian Studies 210 C: Introduction...

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