Conflict - Lecture 8 Conflict Monday 12:43 PM Connecting to...

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Lecture 8: Conflict Monday, March 10, 2008 12:43 PM Connecting to Solve Problems 1. Introduction A. Persuasion 1. Credibility is key 2. Persuasion must be AUDIENCE CENTERED B. Social influence requires: 1. Attitude change or reinforcement 2. Developing attitudes 2. Connect to Manage Conflict A. Definition of conflict: 1. Expression of differences in 2. Satisfying interpersonal needs 3. And individual interests 4. Perceived interference in satisfying needs and interests 5. So, there are identity-based and material-based conflicts B. Review of interpersonal needs 1. Inclusion: respect 2. Control: impact 3. Affection: support 4. Needs shape our identity 5. So, needs violation threaten identity and create  identity conflicts C. Interests 1. What we want: material conflicts 2. Interests are negotiable. Our identity is not threatened 3. All conflicts are at least 50% identity and 50% material-based 4. Hostage negotiation phases 1. Relationship building 2. Exploring the issues 3. Negotiating the issues
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Conflict - Lecture 8 Conflict Monday 12:43 PM Connecting to...

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