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Introduction - information exchange The feeling or sense...

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Lecture 1: Introduction Monday, January 07, 2008 12:30 PM Introduction- A) To understand the importance of communication in your life. B) Course Goal- To increase your control over your communication outcomes to enhance your personal and professional goals. C)Course Objective- To develop both our skills in analyzing communication process, and in presenting your ideas publically in an informative and persuasive manner. Conditions leading up to a First Big Fight (FBF) in a relationship: 1. Commitment uncertainty 2. Jealousy, bad behavior 3. Personality Differences Effects of the fight: 1. Clarification of feelings 2. Newfound or increased awareness of Inter-dependence 3. Recurring Issue Survivor or Non-Survivor 1. Increased or Decreased uncertainty 2. Values about communication conflict 3. Different attributions about why FBF happened Keys to communications a. Connection- influencing each other’s attitudes, values, and behaviors through
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Unformatted text preview: information exchange. The feeling or sense that the other is really listening and involved in the interaction b. The purpose of connection- to use messages to accomplish personal, group, or social goals. I seek your compliance, laughter, or learning. Also, to grow the relationship between the parties. I want us to be equals and like each other. How does communication work? a. Communicator features: Have goals and intentions, filters such as attitudes, cultural values, and beliefs. b. Channels: Broad (face to face), Narrow(electronic) The elements of the process 1. Noise- the signal to noise ratio (annoying body language) 2. The key is to reduce noise and increase signal strength Elements of the Process 1. Messages-verbal and non-verbal 2. Impact, or effect 3. Context/culture- Norms, values, expectations, customs, rituals...
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