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Review Sheet for the Final Exam

Review Sheet for the Final Exam - Review Sheet for the...

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Review Sheet for the Final Exam (5/12/06) PS104, Professor David Canon The Media In what ways are the media biased in their coverage of politics? o Journalists seek not only to report the news, but also interpret the news. Goals and incentives of journalists vary but include, to report in considerations of ratings, career success and professional prestige, and political influence. o Politicians’ activities and interests are potential news topics; news is influenced by the interests of politicians. Politicians try to manipulate their images. Politicians will leak “juicy” news in exchange for the reporter casting them in favorable light. Consumers —consumer preferences, such as those of the affluent or those of people who watch the news for its entertainment value , influence news content. Is “public journalism” the solution to many of the problems posed by the media? (lecture) o No, public journalism puts too much power into the hands of the biased public; they want to shape news rather than report it. Is objectivity in the media desirable or possible? (Chap. 9 in ED) o Yes, it is desirable because the media takes too much of a role in political campaigns; not suited task for choosing leaders. Focuses too much on negative coverage; loss of sense of proportion; focuses on who is up and who is down. o Robert Bresler —the media cannot be separated from the society in which it works; American is in the midst of a significant cultural division, and it is inevitable that the media will represent this split. o Brett Cunningham —the pursuit of objectivity leads to problems; reporters are so worried about being charged as biased that they allow misleading statements to be broadcast without challenge. o Howard Myrick —objectivity in the media is not only worthwhile, but indispensable… it is a goal well worth pursuing, for the good of the profession of journalism, more importantly, for the good of the nation. How has the mainstream media been challenged by new tactics and technology? (Last in ED). o The internet—live coverage, less time for analysis. o Jonathan Last —contends that the new media have had a profound effect on the presentation of news in the U.S. In particular, new media can force items onto the agenda of the old media. Because of more outlets to discuss issues, more buzz around stories forcing traditional media to feel obliged to pick up a story. Terms : investigative reporting, “horserace” coverage, regulating the media, changes in the media culture (the rise of adversarial journalism), the "bandwagon effect," sources of media power, interpretive versus policy coverage, nationalization of the news, prior restraint,
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agenda setting, framing, priming, the trivialization of politics. Political Parties
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Review Sheet for the Final Exam - Review Sheet for the...

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