Day 10 - Islam

Day 10 - Islam - 1 2 ISLAM 330 AD emperor Constantine moved...

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1 1 ISLAM 2 330 AD emperor Constantine moved Roman Empire capital from Rome to Byzantium - 337 renamed Constantinople, now Istanbul. emperor’s two sons. Constantine holding model of his city 3 476 AD end of Roman Empire in West - invasions, civil war, economic 4 Byzantine empire (330-1453) core modern Turkey, Greece, Syria, Israel 5 Strong monarch, good administration - empire later expanded under emperor Justinian I 6 continued Roman political structure, ideology, government, law mix of cultures - Romans, Greek, Eastern. Continue ancient culture while Europe chaos. 7 Constantinople key geographic position - harbor at crossroads of Good military strategy - narrow channel easily defended. 8 key economic location - convergence main trade routes. Strong monetary economy (vs. European barter) 9 Constantinople manufacture of armor & weapons; silk. agriculture to support large urban population (600,000)
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2 10 Constantinople new center Christianity - hundreds monasteries. Rise of Orthodox church, Byzantine emperor protector - state religion. 11 Justinian I (525-567) powerful Byzantine emperor Five-day fire 532 destroyed half city. Great new architects (Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles) 12 hoped Constantinople could recapture former glories of Rome (“new Rome”), major building projects. Great city successor to Athens and Rome through Middle Ages. 13 fountains, aqueducts, public baths. 14 Huge open reservoirs, 100 cisterns - one 2.4 acres, 336 marble columns 15 Justinian great churches - center faith, intellectual life; also church as town meeting hall, display of Byzantine prosperity, to bind together empire. unity of both empire and church.
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Day 10 - Islam - 1 2 ISLAM 330 AD emperor Constantine moved...

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