Day 13 - Early Modern Europe

Day 13 - Early Modern Europe - 1 2 EARLY MODERN EUROPE...

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1 1 EARLY MODERN EUROPE 2 1200s economic boom - growth of medieval towns, economic expansion, cathedrals, clocks. 1300s population growth slowing; bad weather, harvest failures, animal epidemics - famine. Provence, France 350,000 population in 1310; 1410 150,000 - increase after 1470. 1350s economic depression, last about 100 years. 3 Battle of Crecy 1346, victory English army 10,000 over French 35,000. 4 load than crossbow. Archers new strategic importance. 5 battle of Agincourt 1415 - England outnumbered at least 3 to 1, but 5000 archers, protected from cavalry by stakes) - French lost 7000 knights, British only 500 men. 6 1430s gunpowder weapons. French faster than English to adopt 7 then regular outbreaks - plague wiped out 25 million people 5 years - roughly 1/3rd population Europe. Mass graves, died without last rites. Farms abandoned. Cities poor sanitation, malnutrition. No cure - fear wrath of God. Persecution Jews. 8 "One-half or more than a half of the people at Avignon are already dead. Over 7000 houses have been shut up; in these no one is living, and all who have inhabited them are departed. There is such a fear of death that people do not even dare to speak with anyone whose relative has died, because it is frequently noted that in a family where one dies nearly all the relations follow him, and this is commonly believed among the people."
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2 9 English Peasants' War (Wat Tyler's Rebellion) - march on London, kill officials. 10 Church power decline - kings tax church wealth, challenge authority pope. Great Schism. Too few priests, unhappiness, calls for reformation. new power to central nation-state - England power of Parliament Isabella 1479 - Inquisition; New World colonies. 11 Enclosure of open fields; England more profit sheep farming, tied to growth textile industry. The law locks up the man or woman Who steals the goose from off the common But leaves the greater villain loose Who steals the common from off the goose. The law demands that we atone When we take things we do not own But leaves the lords and ladies fine Who take things that are yours and mine. 12 glory (injustice to Middle Ages, Arab scholars; still war, slavery, poverty, superstition, religious persecutions) - art, science, literature. "humanism" - focus on this world & on power of human mind;
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Day 13 - Early Modern Europe - 1 2 EARLY MODERN EUROPE...

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