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*45 multiple choice questions* Precursor for vitamin A – beta-carotene # of Vitamins produced by the body – 1 vitamin D, but Vitamin k is also synthesized by bacteria in the colon Know food sources for iron and Vitamin C – citrus fruits are good for vit c Dietary sources for omega-3 and omega-6 – nuts, seeds, fatty fish Fatty acids and characteristics and sources – mono-unsaturated fatty acid is an oil Saturated fatty acids – hard at room temperature Mono-unsaturated fatty acid – olive oil or canola oil Cholesterol – the body produces enough, and we cannot get it from plants sources, only
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Unformatted text preview: animal sources No units 15 and 16 on this test at all!!! LDL = lousy, should be low for heart disease HDL = healthy, should be high Form of fat in foods, usually triglyceride Hydrogenation the cists goes to linear trans shape and acts more like a fatty acid Dietary fats on blood cholesterol 2 the most saturated fatty acids and trans fat are bad for blood cholesterol the most, effect it more then dietary cholesterol even STUDY THE STUDY GUIDE!...
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