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AUCW glaspell - Kelly Guinan AUCW 180 “Trifles”...

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Unformatted text preview: Kelly Guinan AUCW 180 “Trifles” Febraury 28, 2008 1. The Sheriff and the County Attorney express superiority towards the two women, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale. This behavior was not uncommon around the time the play was written; gender equality was hardly a civil issue in the early 1900s. The men scoff at the behavior of the women, who concern themselves with Minnie’s preserves, her quilt, and the clothes to bring to her. The Sheriff pokes fun, while the County Attorney tries to smooth their feathers by flirting with them and humoring them. It is ironic that the things the men ricidule actually solve the case that they could accumulate little evidence for. Both women are, for the most part, very humble and polite to the men whilst in their presence, yet ultimately conceal the incriminating evidence against Minnie Wright. This act of defiance shows the dignity of each woman and the sense of community that bonds them; they are trying to save Minnie because they can relate to her and...
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AUCW glaspell - Kelly Guinan AUCW 180 “Trifles”...

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