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Writing about love Structure = Rhyme = Understand and account for every word Explicate it Words with special meaning (in poet’s lifetime, world within world of poem) Explication = close reading Fanny kemble “My Love” she’s talking about how whenever the man she loves is around her, he is the center of her attention she’s overwhelmed by him and how he makes her feel and explicitly describes her soul, her spirit, and her senses when he is not near, she is thrust back into cold reality where all she can do is dream of him but no matter how much she dreams, she is still alone support of this argument: tone, speaker, figurative language, form. Anything that enhancesthe meaning - it is filled with passion in the beginning (throbing pulse, veins run liquid flame, bewildered spirit, eddying whirls of passion) when her love is near,
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Unformatted text preview: but the tone contrats sharply in the second stanza when she is alone and it is extremely forlorn (pain creeps into the heart, warmth of life depart, parting look and tone, I wake and am alone)- the speaker is engulfed in her passion in the first stanza, then left bare (light, the warmth of life depart) when she is away from her love, with nothing but loneliness and pain she is writing about the one she loves and the effects that person has on her, ranging from the overwhelming feelings she encounters when in that person’s prescence, to the despair and desolation she experiences when she is without him 9 lines in the first stanza, 6 in the second, 15 lines total when most sonnets have 14 first stanza: abbacdacd second stanza = ababcc how it is all about love and its effects on the speaker...
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