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English essay GM foods

English essay GM foods - Imagine a world void of hunger a...

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Imagine a world void of hunger, a world in which malnutrition was a term, inapplicable to any human. Many people share this vision but only few do much to over come it. One phenomenon, with the potential to win the war against global hunger is sweeping North America. The genetic modification of crops and livestock is a new solution to this problem and has stirred much emotion in hearts of people around the world. There are those who argue that genetic modification (GM) is wrong and should be discontinued on the other hand there are those, who commit millions of dollars to the research and development of genetically modified foods. What are genetically modified foods? Genetically modified foods are crops and organisms whose DNA material has been modified in a way that it does not naturally occur. GM foods are basically created for a couple of basic reasons: pest resistance, herbicide tolerance, disease resistance, cold tolerance, drought tolerance, increased nutritional value, salinity tolerance, increased (medicinal) protein content as well as phytoremediation, the decontamination of the environment (Whitman 2). Bugs and pests eat the crop farmers grow. This, in turn minimizes their yield as well as profits. In third world countries, bugs and pests control the population by eating the crop of a country’s citizens and leaving them starved and malnourished. Previously to minimize the damage done by bugs, farmers used to spray, literally, tones of pesticides on their crop, making the crop potentially dangerous to humans (Whitman 2). GM is an alternative solution to the pest problem. To protect crops from pests such as locusts,
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