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Division Classification

Division Classification - Engl-104-502 Cereal was...

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Engl-104-502 Cereal was originally founded in the United States in the 1800’s by a medical practitioner, Dr. William Kellogg, who had formulated for his patients, a meal in which the primary ingredient was soaked wheat. It was common knowledge that wheat soaked in water overnight, then consumed in the morning was good for the gastronomical system. Many people could not afford the time or effort to prepare this dish every morning and as a result it was not too popular. One day by mistake, Dr. Kellogg forgot to remove the wheat bran from the water and so it soaked further. When he came to salvage the soaked bran the next morning he found that it could only be saved by pressing the wheat through rollers and drying it, thus forming what are commonly known as “corn flakes”. This became a hit with his patients and before long after they were healed former patients were ordering what he called “granola” to their private residents.
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