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Women and the Future of Fatherhood Questions for Response 1. While it is statistically true that women tend to get the children out of the divorce as well as a settlement from the husband. This is unfair as sometime the husband is restricted from even seeing the children. I therefore concur with the statement that women enjoy certain advantages over men in family breakups. 2. Fatherhood, let alone parenthood, is a joint effort on part of the husband and wife. The father requires the mother to normalize the baby. And make the baby initially comfortable with the father. I think this phenomenon exists and think so because it the mother who gives birth and feeds the baby. Questions about Purpose 1. Whitehead, I think would like to bring awareness to women. Make them aware that parenthood is a combined effort and the marriage must be preserved for the sake of the child. Just because women, now have equal rights is no reason to go gung-ho and take the father from the child. 2.
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