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STUDY SHEET 5wc2008 - c Choice wise advisors and avoid...

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STUDY SHEET # 5 TERMS: Medici - Secularism - Humanism - Gutenberg – German inventor of the printing press; helped make literature more accessible to the public Savonarola – Radical fundamentalist priest; gains control of Florence and attacks the Renaissance Machiavelli – Renaissance writer; authored The Prince Machiavellian – People who do whatever is necessary perspective - Donatello - Botticelli - Durer - Frescoes - Renaissance Man – Very skilled in lots of areas; Sir Thomas More – Christian Humanist; wrote the book Utopia where he attacks the church SHORT QUESTIONS: 1. What were the characteristics of Italian Renaissance art? a. Frescoes b. Concept of “homo faber” i. Man is the architect of his own destiny c. Considered by some to be the beginning of modern civilization 2. List 3 examples of advice Machiavelli gives to one who wants to be a successful prince. a. Better to be stingy than generous
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b. Must undertake great projects to enhance their reputation c.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Choice wise advisors and avoid flatterers d. Do what’s necessary e. Don’t take a person’s property f. Don’t give it all upfront 3. How did the Northern Renaissance differ from the Italian Renaissance? a. Much less secular b. Much more religious c. Very little nudity d. Appears the patrons are the Monarchs e. More emphasis on literature rather than art i. Christian Humanist DISCUSSION: 1. Discuss why the Renaissance began in Italy. a. Amount of wealth b. Humanism begins c. Secularism d. Urban movement (Italy was very urban) e. Italians begin pushing the concept of humanism f. Wanted to capture the classical past which was located in Italy g. The hundred years war doesn’t affect the Italians h. Italy did get hit too hard by the Black Plague ART YOU MUST KNOW AND RECOGNIZE: 1. Leonardo da Vinci- “Last Supper”, “Mona Lisa” 2. Michelangelo- “Sistine Chapel”, “David”, Pieta” 3. Raphael- “Madonna”, “School of Athens”...
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STUDY SHEET 5wc2008 - c Choice wise advisors and avoid...

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