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LIT essay - Fanny Kemble beautifully articulates the...

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Fanny Kemble beautifully articulates the powerful emotions that she experiences when the one she loves is near, and the dreadful feelings she endures when she is alone. In her sonnet “My Love”, her use of imagery, tone, and word choice elegantly strengthen the ideas she is expressing throughout the poem. Though many sonnets may focus on love as a central theme, Kemble’s is to be praised amongst the others for her powerful use of word choice and her willingness be extremely vulnerable through the way she describes the effects love has on the speaker of the poem. The first stanza and the second stanza sharply contrast eachother, which makes the sonnet profoundly more emotionally stirring. In the first stanza, the speaker depicts herself when the one (for the essay’s sake, we’ll assume the speaker is a woman in love with a man) she deeply loves approaches her. She is overwhelmed by the sensation of being near him, as if the mere sight of him brings her into a state of bliss. The speaker explicitly describes her soul, her spirit, and her senses. This first stanza is incredibly passionate and Kemble uses such imagery as “throbbing pulse”, ‘veins run liquid flame”, “bewildered spirit”, and “eddying whirls of passion” to describe the emotions overtaking the speaker. Even in the first line, the speaker opens up to the audience by admitting she trembles when the man is near. Her pulse throbs simply if she hears this man’s name, let alone when she listens to his voice. When describing her sensory experience, it is filled with this man nad nothing else when the speaker admits “all I am, or know, or feel is thee.”
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LIT essay - Fanny Kemble beautifully articulates the...

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