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Tragic experience has happened to the charactes: Oedipus = prophecy, killed father and married mother. Antigone = descendent of a tragic hero, offspring of oedipus, loyal to destroyed family, ensure brother’s honor against the will of the king with punishment of death Riders to the Sea = brother suspected dead, greiving mother, sore relationship between that mother and her one remaining son who dies in addition to dead brother being proven Trifles = discover murder and keep it from husbands; more loyal to community of women than to their mates **** read about aristotle, elements of tragedy Society responds/becomes responsible Oedipus = really just wants to be rid of plague in the beginning, observes oedipus as his predestination is revealed to him, sympathizes with him but overall happy he leaves the city; they merely observe rather than act and their passiveness didn’t interfere with oedipus’ quest for the truth which may have saved him (ignorance is bliss)***OEDIPUS IS THE ANSWER TO THE RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX***
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