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Wth all the technological advances and new ways of networking that require little to no face-to-face interactions, the amount of music available is mindnumbing. At the tips of one’s fingertips (assuming those fingertips are well adapted to a keyboard), are millions of different bands in thousands of different genres. This seperates the new millenium from the old in one specific way: it takes very little to be a hit musician, and little talent goes into songs that may not be remembered in a few years. This is vastly in contrast to past generations where the majority of people listened to the same music and hits stayed around for decades. This begs the question: “What makes a truly memorable song?” Anyone who has any amount of experience with an instrument and enough HTML knowledge to start a website is now considered a musician, and the industry is flooded with bands and artists that are copies of copies of copies of eachother in each genre. Rather than working one’s whole life to reach the top and earn that spot by talent
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