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What Size is the Right Size? Today in class, we examined practice example 2.6 with a 0.30 mass fraction of H2SO4(aq) whose density was given as 1.218 g/ml. Route: Mass fraction (given concentration unit): O H mass SO H mass SO H mass 2 4 2 4 2 30 . 0 + = We assumed 1L of solution and used density to convert 1L to 1.218e3 grams. We then determine that the solution is composed of 365.4g H2SO4 and 852.6 g H2O. Convert these to mols to obtain 3.73 mols H2SO4 and 47.4 mols H2O Calculate a mol fraction of H2SO4 = 0.073 or a 7.3 mol percent. Another “convenient” sized sample would be 100g. Why? If the mass fraction is 30%
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