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Ryan Owings IDS 201-651 12/27/07 Environmental Apocalypse or Ecologism: The Beginning of a New Era There is currently a buzz going around, a popular topic that crops up in many social conversations. You can hear it sometimes on the news, around the dinner table, and in classrooms at all the schools. Ecologism has associated itself with certain political parties, and it is the topic of many heated political debates. Yet, the public is still skeptical about the fate of our environmental resources, as well as the effects of global warming. Do Americans now understand what may happen if we continue our destructive ways? Throughout this essay, I will explain what may occur, the cause and effect, and what can be done to prevent future damage to out resources. Currently we are an industrial society which is generally the primary source of our problem, and is very difficult to change. Beginning with the Industrial Revolution, we started down a path that used our natural resources as if they would last forever. With each passing year, industry has come to consume more resources at a faster rate than ever before. Earth simply cannot withstand such abuse forever. At some point, resources like trees, oil, wood, coal, water, and so on will run out. Our lifestyle is like a train speeding towards a cliff at an alarming rate with no time to waste. We need to stop this lifestyle before we run off the cliff. The cliff being the exhaustion of resources and the complete shut down of the ecosystems in other words an environmental apocalypse. I do have to add that a true apocalypse is not in our foreseeable future. Many things can change between now and then, and possibly the scientists are not completely correct.
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What exactly is global warming? Global warming is created by a disruption in the carbon cycle which is caused by a multiple of factors ultimately rooted in industrialization. Millions of acres of oxygen generating rainforest have been cleared for
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Ecologism - Ryan Owings IDS 201-651 Environmental...

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