Vikings in America (2-7) - Nutrition Romanticism 1800’s,...

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Vikings in America (2/7) The Vinland Sagas Eirik the Red’s saga o Leif Eiriksson discovers Vinland o 3 trips o Takes skraelings captive o Thorvald is shot by uniped Saga of the Greenlanders o Bjarni Herjolfsson discovers vinland o 4 trips o Kills skraelings o Thorvald is shot by skraelings Short story of the Greenlanders Names of the lands o Helluland = slab rock land (Baffin Island) o Markland = forest land (Northeast Canada) o Vinland = Meadow land (Nova Scotia) o Vinland = Wine land o Vinland = meadows Helge and Anne Stine Ingstad 1960’s found site in Newfoundland where the Scandinavians landed Did not find any animal bones o Never a permanent site Found a broach (An iron pin) Had used the site during the summers off and on for about 40 years Why did the colony at Vinland Fail? Too few women Unwilling to reproduce with native population Lost contact with Iceland Forced to pay tribute to Norway o Barley able to support themselves let alone give things to Norway
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Unformatted text preview: Nutrition Romanticism 1800’s, people were interested in looking into their own past Horned helmets Kensington Stone Olof Ohman – discovered a rune stone in Minnesota (Ended up being a phony) o Stone carver from Sweden Hjalmar Holland – Traveled around the world with the rune stone Problems o 1362 – rune stones weren’t being written then o Separates his words o Made up symbols and borrowed constructions from other languages Heavener Runestone Found in Oklahoma (Another Phony) Conclusion Romantic desire to appeal to history for your authority to be correct Vinland Map Yale University purchased this map in 1950 for a million dollars Vinland and Iceland depiction was more detailed than Europe It’s a fake, try to create a history that didn’t exist...
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Vikings in America (2-7) - Nutrition Romanticism 1800’s,...

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