Mythology (2-5) - Scandinavian Mythology (2/5) Sources of...

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Unformatted text preview: Scandinavian Mythology (2/5) Sources of Evidence Archaeology o Tells us sacred acts – Contemporary Evidence – Non Bias (Gender) o Objects don’t speak o Bodies were kept in full with clothing Possible idea of after life Anything they buried before they died, they would be able to retain it in after life Horses were subject to the noble o Oseberg Ship Burial A queen who was buried with numerous treasures including a boat Very common practice in Norway and Western Denmark o Speiling’s Hoard Fantastic amount of solid gold treasure o Gundestrup Cauldron Finest medieval cauldron found in 1891 Shaman figure, God, Deer, Snake Picture of a pot of rebirth Elephants also on a panel • This is just an item that is meaningful to someone with southeastern European ties o Buddha from Helgo, Sweden and Oseberg, Norway Was not practiced in Scandinavia Artist was familiar with religion Pagan Runes o Rok Stone (Sweden) – Monument for a fallen soldier...
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Mythology (2-5) - Scandinavian Mythology (2/5) Sources of...

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