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cProgHW2Part3 - fclose(infile fgetc(stdin...

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C PROGRAMMING HOMEWORK 2 PART 3 /******************* Homework Assignment 2 Part3 array of pointers to character strings file input By: /******************/ #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define INPUT_FILE "inputfile.in" typedef char *string; void sortfunc(string array[], int , int ); void printfunc(string array[], int , int ); void swapper(string array[], int , int ); int main() { char buffer[16]; FILE *infile; infile= fopen(INPUT_FILE, "r"); if (infile == NULL ) { printf("Cannot open file, " INPUT_FILE "\n"); printf("Terminating program...\n"); system("PAUSE"); } char w0[16], w1[16], w2[16], w3[16], w4[16]; char w5[16], w6[16], w7[16], w8[16], w9[16]; string buffer[]={w0, w1, w2, w3, w4, w5, w6, w7, w8, w9}; int counter; for (counter=0; counter<10; counter++) { fgets(buffer[counter], 16, infile); } printf ("\n\nThe strings are sorted as follows: \n\n"); sortfunc(buffer[], 0, 9);
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Unformatted text preview: fclose(infile); fgetc(stdin); printf("\n"); system ("PAUSE"); return 0; } void sortfunc(string array, int block, int lblock) { int counter, nextBlock, swapnum=1; for (; block<lblock && swapnum; lblock--) //; used for syntax rules. { swapnum = 0; for (counter=block; counter<lblock; counter++) if (strcmp (array[counter], array[counter+1]) > 0) { nextBlock= counter+1; swapper(array, counter, nextBlock); swapnum = 1; } printfunc(array,0,9); } } void printfunc(string array, int block, int lblock) //first-last blocks { int counter; //declared outside loop for (counter = 0; counter <= lblock; counter++) //to avoid errors. printf ("%6s", array[counter]); printf("\n"); } void swapper(string array, int i, int j) { string store; store = array[i]; array[i]= array[j]; array[j]= store; }...
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cProgHW2Part3 - fclose(infile fgetc(stdin...

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