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1 CHEM464 / Medh, J.D. Fatty Acid Catabolism Fatty Acid Catabolism •Caloric value of fatty acids •Dietary triglycerides and lipases •Lipoproteins (overview) •Fatty acid β -oxidation *activation *transport to mitochondrial matrix *Four-reaction pathway and repeated cycles * β -oxidation of fatty acids with odd number of carbons * β -oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids *regulation of β -oxidation * β -oxidation in peroxisomes •Ketone bodies •Energy calculations for complete oxidation of fatty acids Caloric Value of Fats and Carbohydrates Calories obtained by complete oxidation: – Carbohydrates: 4 kcal/g (Carbohydrates have to stored with water) (Each g of glycogen is hydrated with 2 g water) – Hydrated carbohydrates: 1.3 kcal/g – Fat: 9 kcal/g (fats are not hydrated) – Proteins: 4 kcal/g
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