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HISTORY 102 REVIEW - OUTLINE Henry XII (r. 1589-1619): Inherited civil wars which wracked France since 1561 Catastrophy-->Poor harvest-->peasants starved, attacked by wolves and demobilized soldiers. Some provinces became depopulated, commercial activity fell to 1/3 what is was in 1580. Henry-> first to show care of people since Louis IX. Converted to Catholicism->better relations with pope. Gained protestant confidence by issuing the Edict of Nantes in 1598->create temporary religious toleration(full toleration in 18th cent.), and appointing the devout protestant Maximilien De Bethune-duke of sully- as chief minister. Henry kept peace aside from successful war with Savoy in 1601. He saw "If we are without compassion for people, they scummub, we all perish with them" He lowered taxes from peasants->1602-1604 introduced paulette, annual fee paid by royal officials to guarantee heredity in offices. Sully proved to be effective admin. -combined indirect taxes on salt,sales,transit-->leased their collection to financiers. -although taxes declined, revivial of trade->revenues increased. -subsadiszed the comp. for trade with the Indies, country wide railway, dreamt of world peace org. in only 12 years, henry, sully restored public order, laid economic foundation Death of henry ->queen regent Maurie de' Medici put child king LouisXIII (1610-1643)->Feudal nobles,princes dominated politic scene. Medici apponited Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642) council of ministers->1year president of council- >after1628 1st minister of French crown. - Used strong influence on king louis to exalt french monarchy as embodiment of state.
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