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Ethics_HW_March20 - CS-416 Social and Professional Issues...

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CS-416 Social and Professional Issues in Computing Homework Assignment March-20-07 # 2
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Chapter5, Sec1 1. In order for one to reach certain goals, it is very common that one can violate natural laws by using a set of laws and rights in a certain manner. Although a person may not have broken any written laws, a very obvious violation of rights can still occur. In the 1993 Maryland case, a banker is not given the natural right by the laws of the Federal Reserve to obtain private medical information of his clients. Using his position as a member of the public health commission and his natural right given by the commission to obtain private medical information, the banker transfers the information for use in another job where the use of such information to base decisions is unethical and not permitted. The banker performed this action within the borders of the law, but has misused his right to access the database in a completely different environment with a completely different set of laws. He has basically transferred his right to view the
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