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OperSystemsReview - Operating Systems CS644/CS320 Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: Operating Systems CS644/CS320, Spring 2006 Review Problems Input / Output Devices: 1- What are the main differences between the disk and the drum? 2- A disk is double interleaved. It has eight sectors of 512 per track, and a rotation rate of 300 rpm. How long does it take to read all the sectors of a track in order, assuming the arm is already correctly positioned, and 1/2 rotation is needed to get sector 0 under the head? What is the data rate ? Now repeat the problem for non-interleaving disk with the same characteristics . How much does the data rate degrade due to interleaving? 3- Name the I/O software layer(s) that performs each of the following function: a- Computing the track, sector, and head for a disk read. b- Maintaining a cache of recently used blocks. c- Writing commands to the device registers. d- Checking to see if the user is permitted to use the device. e- Converting binary integers to ASCII for printing....
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