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Unformatted text preview: CS-215Introduction to Database SystemsSecurity Tools Database Project ReportDescription:The security tools database aims to provide computer users and security experts alike with information on the most important security tools for different types of operating systems. The database helps identify the security tools needed for a certain system based on the operating system type, the purpose of the tools listed, the cost of a certain tool, and it also provides the ability to search for a tool with specific technical characteristics such as the support of command line operation, the availability of an open source, and the support of a graphical user interface.The database operates using four tables that use the ProgramCode entity as their primary key. Each program is given a ProgramCode that uniquely identifies it and distinguishes it from other program. The ProgramCode entity serves to relate the tables together to bring out the results of the requested queries. The tables are divided as follows:1.Program: ProgramCode, ProgramName, Purpose, Author, DirectLink2.System:ProgramCode, Windows, MacOSX, Linux, BSD.3.Technical:ProgramCode, CommandLine, GUI, OpenSource.4.Price:ProgramCode, PriceTag, FreeVersion.Some of the queries that could be executed using this database are:-List all virus scanners which are free, which operate on a Linux system, and which are free of charge.system, and which are free of charge....
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SecurityDataBaseReport - CS-215Introduction to Database...

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