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All Hail the Medulla Oblongata

All Hail the Medulla Oblongata - drinking habits Cavallaro...

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Corbin Fanning 1301-A7 5/6/09 All Hail the Medulla Oblongata! In Danise Cavallaro’s essay entitled, All Hail the Medulla Oblongata!, the experience of the average college student is shown from before the party, to the infamous morning after. Yet, the purpose of the essay is not just to narrate, but also to prove that no amounts of statistics or lectures are going to significantly have an affect on these students
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Unformatted text preview: drinking habits. Cavallaro argues that the best remedy for this seemingly cliché college party scene, is not forcing the prevention, but allowance. The only way for these students to see the affects that binge drinking can have is to experience the “porcelain goddess” for themselves....
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