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HIST 1301: United States History I Fall 2007 Instructor: J. Godin Exam 2 Essay Question In the RUSH article titled “Hope and Heritage” (pp. 117-30), Gordon S. Wood argues that ‘modern virtue’ provided the intellectual foundation for Thomas Jefferson’s political thinking. In your well-developed essay completed outside of lecture: Define the concept ‘modern virtue’ Explain how Jefferson’s political thinking on modern virtue informed his views during two (2) of the following historical events: o Shays’ Rebellion o Embargo Act of 1807 o Missouri Compromise There is no page limit to this essay, but you should be able to answer the question in no more than two (2) double-spaced pages.
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Unformatted text preview: Make sure that you follow the revised ‘Writing Guide’ discussed in lecture and downloadable on WebCT. Please staple the pages of your essay together in the top left corner prior to the scheduled exam date. You may use only information gained from lectures, your notes from the textbook, and the “Hope and Heritage” article found in RUSH when answering the question. You will hand in this essay with the objective portion of Exam 2 on the scheduled exam date. Parenthetical Citation Format Examples for Exam 2 Essay: Textbook : (T&S, 45) Reader : (Wood, 117) This essay is worth a total of 20 points and will be included in your overall Exam 2 score. Good luck!...
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