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diagnosticessay - 3 I believe I should have spent more time...

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Corbin Fanning 1301-A7 5/7/09 1. After looking at the comments made on my diagnostic essay, I see a lot of things I need to work on in the logistics and grammar of my essay. It seems as though I have the right ideas, but I am not making them clear or fluently creating my sentences. In all, I received 26 correction marks on my paper which left me thinking how hard I am going to have to work to get to where I’m able to create a fluent paper. I would say about 50% of the mistakes in my paper were grammatical and sentence structuring. The other half would have to account for making myself clear and concise, and getting my point across. 2. The most descriptive of the grading criteria to my work would have to be The C paper. I believe my work is just average and needs more thought.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. I believe I should have spent more time in preparation and following the guideline better. I should have looked more closely at my paper before handing it in to make sure it flowed more correctly 4. A. prepare a lot better b. read over my paper closer c. spend a lot more time in this area d. find more sources and use them effectively 5. Though the evidence for parental effectiveness may be there, some people still believe that the kids are the final deciders. Though this is true in some sense, their final decision may have more than one path to chose to go down with relaxed parenting than with a stricter parenting environment. This relationship between the parents and their kids has a great effect on the kids later down the road....
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